MillerMatic Review - Deliver Emails to Main Inbox of Thousands in One Click

Every day, a "new revolutionary breakthrough" occurs in the world of online marketing. The majority of them are nothing more than marketing gimmicks. "You're just one million dollar email sales funnel away," or something you've probably heard of. You've probably also discovered that it's almost impossible to run it without a large team and expensive, complicated software. NOT ONLY DOES IT WORK, BUT IT ALSO GETS MORE EYES ON YOUR BUSINESS, AFFILIATE LINKS OR ANYWHERE YOU WANT PEOPLE. However, if you're not careful, email marketing can quickly become prohibitively expensive…and hugely infuriating if you're dealing with standard email platforms.

MailerMatic Review - YOU can have unlimited sends, easy one-click import, unlimited sends, inbuilt lead generation, spam protection!
MillerMatic Review 

So if you're tired of asking your autoresponder to download and send emails to your subscribers, this is the tool for you. Tired of wasting HOURS learning how to use complicated (and expensive) email marketing tools? Frustrated with self-hosted email tools that WON'T DELIVER? Tired of paying HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS PER MONTH WHETHER OR NOT YOU USE THE SERVICE? Wouldn't it be great if you could just download your subscribers, send your email and reap the benefits like the "big hitters"? You certainly can. Today. IN JUST 3 EASY STEPS, YOU CAN ACCESS THE UNLIMITED POTENTIAL OF A SALES AND SALES SOFTWARE TOOL WITHOUT HOLDING BACK! MailerMatic is the only autoresponder that actually works!

MailerMatic Review - Overview

MailerMatic Review – Who is The Creator?

The creators of Mailermatic are Cindy Donovan and her teammates - Riza Gallego.
Cindy Donovan is one of the top salespeople in online marketing, was a full-time online marketer for over 14 years after starting by "accident" and knew nothing about online commerce, or in business at all. Mentioning its name, people will immediately remember high-quality products with great features that help anyone who wants to do business online get results quickly.
They handle things differently here because, after more than 15 years of building products online, they're not just here to make a quick buck. They have seen a lot and done a lot. You can see them through their creations like Minute Kit, ViralDashboard, InstaGenius, Covert Commissions, Text Delive, Drop Gecko, Traffic Ivy, Funnel Joy, Hammock Suite, Funnel Base, Soci Jam SociJam, Vidtoon, DFYHero, FunnelMates, SociEmpire, etc...

MailerMatic Review - What is Mailermatic?

Mailermatic is an autoresponder platform that offers simple one-click import, unlimited subscribers, unlimited sends, built-in lead generation, and spam prevention, all with no monthly fees or hidden costs.

Mailermatic is a cloud-based email marketing software that requires no installation or configuration. There is no need to warm it up or configure it in any way. It's as simple as downloading and exiting.

You can import and download an unlimited number of subscribers, lists, and broadcasts using Mailermatic's drag-and-drop templates. By simply uploading your content and sending it to your recipients, you can enjoy a completely unlimited email marketing experience.

Using the Auto-List Growth WordPress plugin, you can easily create lists in the Mailermatic app with opt-in forms. You can fully customize your registration forms or use the WordPress plugin to display popups, banners and other content (WP plugin is included in OTO1 feature package or bundled pack).

Mailermatic is built on an autoresponder platform with a robust feature set. You can use the built-in SMTP server or connect to an external SMTP provider like Amazon SES or SendGrid. You can also use your custom domain and white label capabilities, as well as extensive tracking and automation tools.

MailerMatic Review - Features and Benefits

  • Unlimited import/downloads, subscribers, lists, broadcasts using our drag and drop templates Enjoy a truly unlimited email marketing experience - just download and send to your subscribers
  • Easy list building with Optin Forms or auto list growth WordPress plugin Have full control with opt-in forms or enable WP plugin to display popups, banners and more (WP Plugin is part of OTO1 feature - or bundled pack)
  • Full hosted autoresponder platform Built-in SMTP, or connect to AmazonSES, SendGrid, or any other SMPT service, use your own custom domain/white label functionality, advanced click tracking and automation features
  • Cloud-Based Email Marketing Software: Mailermatic is 100% beginner-friendly, no installation or setup is required. No need to warm it up or configure anything. Just download and go!
  • Easy one-click subscriber import: With this easy import tool, you can add a new subscriber individually or import an entire batch to your list, ready to receive broadcasts or enter any kind of automated process of your choice.
  • Collection of built-in drag-and-drop email templates: Create engaging emails by adding images, GIFs, videos, or formatted text using our collection of pre-made templates, or create your own at the start from nothing
  • Professional tracking reports and analytics: Boost your email conversions with in-depth reports including cross-campaign comparisons, global heat mapping, and click-time tracking
  • Send unparalleled email broadcasts and automation: Set up a simple automated welcome email, or use the automation system to set up triggers for birthdays, links clicked/pages visited, the time they have been on list x, etc. then segment them into new lists, send targeted emails or anything else you'd like to do, the options are limitless.
  • Unlimited integration options: Mailermatic comes with a pre-enabled SMTP out of the box, but if you want to connect to Amazon SES, SendGrid, or any other SMTP of your choice (or several at once!), you absolutely can!
  • Full white-label customization: connect your own domain name for link tracking with your own brand, add your own IP addresses, "from" and "reply" emails for multiple listings, or a new domain for each checklist for an epic brand experience
  • Complete anti-spam protection: thanks to the integration of their email verification software, their anti-spam test suite and their state-of-the-art server management and spam trap detection system, your emails will be delivered, opened and seen!

MailerMatic Review - What Does it Offer Today?

Here is everything you are getting with Mailermatic:

Cloud-Based Email Marketing Software

Mailermatic is completely designed for beginners so you know there are no cumbersome installs or downloads or even complicated setup. Just download and that's it!

Effortless One-Click Subscriber Import

You can totally choose between adding a new subscriber separately or importing an entire batch into your mailing list. Then you can send broadcasts or put them into any other kind of automated process you want.

Easy Drag-and-Drop Inbuilt 25 Email Template Collection

Mailermatic comes with a great collection of email templates, but if you want you can create one from scratch using images, GIFs, videos, or formatted text - totally your choice!

Advanced Tracking Reports and Analytics

With cross-campaign comparisons, overall heat mapping, and time-to-click tracking reporting, you can get deep insight into your campaign's performance and find ways to increase your email conversions.

Send Broadcasts and Email Automations

This feature comes in handy in literally anything you want to do with your campaign, including setting up a simple automated welcome email, setting up a trigger email for special occasions, viewing links clicked and pages visited, the time they've been on your list, and soon. From these entries, you can then move on to segmenting the list to send targeted emails or whatever!

Unlimited Integration Options

With Mailermatic, you’ll get a preactivated and ready-to-go SMTP. However, if it’s not your thing and you want to connect to your existing SMTP like Amazon SES, Send Grid… – The sky is the limit!

Complete Whitelabel Customization

Branding is one of the most important factors for people using email marketing. So, Mailermatic allows you to log in with your own domain name for link tracking with your branding. You can also add your own IP addresses, "from" and "reply" emails for multiple lists or a new domain for each of your lists.

All-in-one SPAM Protection

Mailermatic will make sure your emails are delivered straight to your subscriber's inbox and opened and seen. This is due to the built-in integration of email verification software, spam testing suite, server management, and spam trap detection system.

MailerMatic Review - How does it work?

All you have to do is follow these three easy steps:

  • Step 1: Connection: There is nothing to install or configure. It is ready to use a few moments after clicking the order button on this page
  • Step 2: Upload: Choose your list name, then upload your leads. No double opt-in is required, this system automatically verifies emails and imports for you.
  • Step 3: Send: Their drag and drop templates are ready to use. Simply edit or create your own, hit send and see the traffic moments from now on.

If you've ever wanted to own your own business without having to pay setup fees, face technical challenges, build sales pages, find people to sell to, or create a premium product. Then take a look at this amazing DFY package. It sells for you and then sells more because… if they don't buy your in-app offer of $100-$500 (you choose the price) after 30 days of engagement, training, education and sales promotion on your behalf.

Mailermatic will automatically send highly targeted offers. All with your affiliate links - for 1-3 offers, reviews, bonuses and more...forever. Start sending emails to primary inboxes of thousands of people with one click and INCREDIBLE open rates of over 90%, even to cold traffic, today. You can also continue doing what you have always done. And you'll continue to get the same results you've always had. However, we do not recommend it. GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO MAILERMATIC WITHOUT PAYING MONTHLY FEES.

MailerMatic Review - My experience in using it

In the stats section, you can check and track all the numbers related to your post.

You can start creating your own content right in the dashboard. All you have to do is upload your media, type in the caption, and click publish now or schedule it for later.

You can track your account performance in even more detail in Advanced Analytics. Here it will provide you auto follow/unfollow count, show stories…

To make things even more convenient, you can view your posting schedule in a single timeline-like below.

All stats are displayed visually and the information is presented so clearly for easy tracking.

Moreover, you can configure hashtags and targets to bring more efficiency to your marketing site.


MailerMatic Review -Things Make You Consider Buying

There are 2 main reasons why you need to own this product immediately if you don't want your business to crash.


Are you still worried that the emails you send will never reach your customers' mailboxes and never be opened? Worse when the messages are sent, the advertisement of their products is thrown into the spam section and never read. It not only wastes your time, effort and money on promotion but also loses your motivation.

However, everything will change when you use Mailermatic today. First, the use of spam trap technology ensures that your messages will be immediately delivered to your customers' primary inboxes, without any messages becoming spam or left behind. Because when they open the email, your message is already on top and there's no reason they can't see your mail.

Second, with 25+ templates, you can design more eye-catching and unique mail. You can upload images, edit the layout to make it most reasonable with the templates provided to you. Don't just keep using emails with many lifeless and boring lines, you can customize it to suit your style, fit the product, and make sure customers feel excited when they open your mail.


It allows you to grab the attention of buyers with Mailermatic which helps you access 4.1 billion email accounts on Earth. It is a fully-fledged, integrated cloud platform that comes with its own included and pre-configured dedicated SMTP servers and dedicated IP addresses. It hosts and configures everything for you so you can send unlimited emails for free through this rock-solid server infrastructure.

There are no restrictions on the number of emails you can send, the number of subscribers you can have, or the number of campaigns you can run. Save your money, save space for your mind but receive a huge profit.

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You want something that lets you run your business when and how you want, without the threat of astronomical monthly subscription fees stalking you - or the stress of feeling like you have to write something just to get your bang for your buck. money. Mailermatic is all of those things.

Email is your lifetime wealth to make money fast. If a marketplace launches a new product, you can email immediately to make immediate sales.

If you want to get into email marketing, you'll need an email platform that will grow with your business rather than have you jumping through hoops. You need a messaging platform that's reliable, has great deliverability and is adaptable.

If you want to continue your email marketing journey, you need to select an autoresponder. Mailermatic is a one-time fee autoresponder, while other autoresponders require recurring monthly fees.

Mailermatic is the WORLD'S FIRST to offer unlimited downloads, lists, broadcasts and autoresponders through the use of new "Alpha-Mesh" automation technology with seamless sender optimization. With this robust AI-powered autoresponder, you can send an unlimited number of emails using our built-in cold lead preheating and list optimization technology, setting a new standard in sending e-mails.

Pros and Cons


  • Limitless import/uploads
  • Drag and drop templates
  • Simple list building with opt-in forms
  • Unparalleled email automation
  • Inbuilt SMTP available
  • Fully featured autoresponder platform
  • Auto-List Growth WordPress Plugin


Indeed, I truly do not find any other issue with Mailermatic software.

Who should buy it?

When it comes to email marketing, you need an email platform that will grow with your business and not have you jumping through hoops. You need a reliable messaging platform with exceptional deliverability and flexibility. And it's Mailermatic that lets you run your business how and when you want, without the threat of insane monthly subscriptions hanging over your head - or the stress of feeling like you have to write something just to get your money's worth.

  • Email marketing professionals
  • Business owners
  • Start-ups
  • Brands
  • Digital goods sellers
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Influencers
  • Online sellers


Undoubtedly, everyone will be satisfied with this product. Your decision will lead to other results, but I hope buying Mailermatic is your best judgment. This comes to the end of my review today, thanks for clicking on this article from thousands of reviews. Please note that this price exists during launch time, they can't wait for you too long. 


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